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SCA relocation and print collection work at the Fisher and SciTech Libraries


Project overview

As part of the Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) relocation to Camperdown campus by 2020, the SCA Library is also relocating to Camperdown campus. The SCA collection will be reviewed, and integrated into the collections at Fisher Library, SciTech Library, the Conservatorium Library and Storage. To make space in the Fisher and SciTech Libraries, other disciplines’ collections will also be reviewed and relocated in accordance with our existing Collection Review Guidelines

SCA Library is permanently closed. Physical items that form part of the SCA Collection will be unavailable from Wednesday 27 November 2019. You will be able to borrow these items again as you normal would from Camperdown / Darlington Campus from Thursday 9 January 2020.

Project updates

March - June 2019
  • The Library has been readying for services to relocate to Camperdown campus in consultation with Faculty staff.
  • Library staff met with staff and student representatives at SCA in March 2019.
  • Feedback has been sought from the faculties whose collections will be affected.

July 2019
  • Collections work to remove low use duplicates has been completed
  • Collections work to move low use journals and books from SciTech and Fisher libraries to Storage has been completed

August 2019
  • Low use journals and monographs from SciTech and Fisher libraries have been sent to Grace
  • Low use duplicates from Fisher and SciTech have been removed
  • Collections work to interfile monographs moving from Fisher to SciTech has been completed at SciTech
  • Over Semester 2, the collections at Fisher will be compacted to make room for the visual arts collection relocation from SCA
    • Planning for this work at SciTech has been completed, including signage to communicate this to clients
    • Planning for this work at Fisher is underway
    • A significant proportion of the collection at Fisher will be compacted, leaving large gaps in the collection while we wait for the materials to be relocated from SCA
  • Note that only certain disciplines have been part of the collection review (for details, see Need to know, below). Other collections have not been reviewed, but may be affected by the compacting of items on Level 6 with some collections moving to other levels
  • The catalogue remains the "single source of truth", therefore clients can check the catalogue, which will be kept up to date to reflect location change

September 2019

Over the coming weeks there will be some movement of physical collections in the SCA library:

  • Some items from within the collection will be moving to the Conservatorium of Music Library
  • The Rare Books and Special Collection within the current SCA collection will be moved to the Rare Books and Special Collections in Fisher Library in November
  • Some books and serials and will be moving to Storage

Overview of the moving process

  • Items will be checked before they leave SCA and also once they arrive at their new locations, before they are interfiled
  • Our specialist Rare Books staff will be overseeing the move of the rare and special items
  • Items moving to the Conservatorium of Music Library will be transferred using our standard process for transferring items between library locations
  • We are planning to move of the serials going from SCA to Storage during Universities Australia common week (1st October- 4th October, 2019)

December 2019
  • Relocation of visual art collections from SCA scheduled to commence
  • SCA Library to close on Wednesday 27 November 2019 at 6.30pm
  • SCA Collection will be available for clients to borrow as normal from Thursday 9 January 2020

Impact on clients in the space

Staff will be working to ensure that the collection work is completed with as minimal impact to clients as possible, however there will be increased levels of noise and staff movement as the collections are shuffled within the space to prepare the collection and undertake these moves.

Need to know

SCA Collections

Collections from SCA Library will be moved according to the collection relocation plan below:

Books and multimedia

  • High demand materials (ie items borrowed or purchased in the last 10 years) will move to Fisher, SciTech or the Conservatorium Libraries
  • DVDs relocated to Fisher or SciTech Libraries
  • Rare and special slide collections, artists books and higher degree theses will be relocated to Rare Books and Special Collections in Fisher Library
  • All remaining items will be moved to Storage


  • Current 2009+ print journals will be moved to the relevant Library location
  • Journals held electronically but without perpetual access and titles not held elsewhere in the Library will be relocated to Storage.
  • Titles where a high quality, digital archive are owned by the Library with guaranteed perpetual access and duplicate copies already held by another University of Sydney Library will be removed

Current Fisher and SciTech Collections

To make space in the Fisher and SciTech Libraries for the interfiling of the SCA collections, other disciplines' collections have been reviewed and relocated according to the criteria set in our existing collection review guidelines. These guidelines stipulate criteria for reviewing collections and recognise that some disciplines are more reliant on print collections.

Books and Journals

  • Low-use duplicates will be removed
  • Lower use books and journals will be moved to Storage according to the Collection Review Guidelines

The collections, used by the Faculties/University Schools mentioned below, will be moved/remain accordingly:

  • Faculty of Business
    High use business resources will remain in Fisher
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    Resources related to FASS will remain in Fisher.
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health, Health Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science
    High use material related to these disciplines has been relocated to SciTech Library, excluding FASS-related resources
  • University School of Design, Architecture and Planning
    In order to accommodate the SCA material into Fisher, most items from the Dewey call number range 720 to 729 related to Architecture are being relocated to the SciTech library. This allows for material in the discipline of Architecture to be located together. Key items from Dewey call number range 720-729 more appropriate for FASS including the disciplines of Archaeology and Museum Studies have been retained in Fisher.

Library staff will ensure that collections work is achieved as quickly as possible to minimise impact. The Library Search platform is up-to-date with any location changes. Note that new print items purchased for FASS will continue to be located in Fisher and subject to the current collection review guidelines.

Academic Liaison Librarian and Frontline Services

Your Academic Liaison Librarian staff will be available to answer Faculty questions about the collection review and relocations. Library staff will be available to assist via phone, chat, by logging a ticket (outside of chat hours) or in person


  • 2018
    Initial consultation with Faculty and readying the collection for the move - completed
  • March 2019
    Townhall meeting for SCA staff - completed
  • March 2019
    Meeting with SCA student representatives - completed
  • May 2019
    Feedback sought from faculties whose collections will be moving. Deadline for feedback: 14 June, 2019 - completed
  • June - July
    Work has been completed on the SciTech and Fisher Libraries print collections. This includes: removal of low use duplicate texts; the relocation of lower use materials to storage and the consolidation of high-demand collections, for certain disciplines, in SciTech. This has made the space for the inter-filing of the visual art collections. This work was done during Winter School, as Library sites are not as busy, and therefore there will be less disruption to our client communities - completed
  • Semester 2, 2019
    Further preparatory work in Fisher to arrange collections ready for SCA collection to be integrated.
  • November 2019
    Relocation of visual art collections from SCA scheduled to commence
  • December 2019
    SCA Library permanently closed. Relcation of the SCA Collection’s physical items is complete.
  • January 2020
    SCA Collection items are scheduled to be integrated and the relocation of visual art collections from SCA to Camperdown / Darlington Campus will be complete. From Thursday 9 January 2020, Library clients can borrow SCA collections items as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why are the books at Fisher and SciTech Library moving?
    A: The collections will be moving to make room for the SCA Library collections (visual art) that will be coming to Camperdown/Darlington campus as part of the SCA campus relocation.
  • Q: Will the SCA collection be moved in its entirety and be located in its own collection within Fisher?
    A: No, the collection will be interfiled (integrated) within the collection at Fisher and SciTech ie architectural design books will sit with the architectural design books in SciTech, the art history books will sit with the art history books in Fisher. This will make it easier for students and staff to find the items they need.
  • Q: Will items in Storage still be accessible?
    A: Yes, items located in storage will still appear on Library Search and can be requested to be delivered through Library Search.
  • Q: Which high demand print materials will be moving to SciTech?
    A: An item’s location is indicated on Library Search and this will be updated if an item is relocated.
  • Q: During the moving period, how long will materials be unavailable to access?
    A: We anticipate that this will take several weeks. Signage in spaces will indicate when a collection is being moved. We encourage clients to borrow anything they anticipate they need before the Library closes. If something is required urgently during the period where collections are unavailable, please contact a Library staff member who will be able to assist.
  • Q: Will the SCA DVD collection be held as a complete collection?
    A: No. The DVDs will be interfiled (integrated) with the collection
  • Q: Is Rare Books and Special Collections available for staff to browse?
    A: Clients can search for items, including artist books or theses in our Rare Books and Special Collections via Library Search. Items from Rare Books and Special Collections can be requested and looked at within the Rare Books and Special Collections reading room on Level 1 of Fisher Library. There is room for teaching staff to bring their classes down to use items. Celia Brown, Academic Liaison Librarian will be working with staff to develop class lists of items, if required.
  • Q: Theses are in high demand by SCA HDR students. Will they still be accessible?
    A: Yes, all theses from 2013 are available electronically via the library website. Older theses will be accessible via our Rare Books and Special Collections. We have an on-going project to digitise theses. If there are certain very high demand items, they can be prioritised n the digitisation queue.
  • Q: Some SCA teaching staff find the DVDs a preferable teaching tool over the Kanopy streaming service because of the ability to stop/start, resolution and the additional extras found on the DVD. Will the Library continue to purchase DVDs?
    A: Yes. We purchase DVDs for coursework where there is unique supplementary content only available on DVD.
  • Q:Are there DVD playing facilities at the Library?
    A: Yes. DVD players can be found in Fisher Library on Level 2 in the bookable meeting rooms 211 and 212. There are also three PCs with external DVD drives available on Level 3 behind the information desk. All DVD players play multi-region discs and CDs. External DVD hard drives will also be available for clients to borrow from the Fisher Library Information desk soon. The following equipment is available at Sydney Conservatorium of Music: CD players, video Player, cassette [layer, record player (with digital transfer ability), slide projector, as well as DVD players, amplifiers, portable DVD hard drives, Zoom audio recorders, Zoom video recorders and headsets for PCs.
  • Q: SCA staff will be moving their offices as part of the relocation and they may have some items they wish to donate to the Library. Can staff donate their items to the Library?
    A: If you would like the Library to consider adding any items to the Library’s collections, please get in touch with Celia Brown, Academic Liaison Librarian by Friday 2nd August, so that she can come and take a look at the items.
  • Q: In an ideal world, SCA books that will be moved to Storage will be going to SCA staff offices. Is this possible?
    A: No. We need to keep items that will be remaining in the collection in Library locations in order to provide equity of access to all staff and students. Once collections start moving into faculty areas, this equity of access is removed.
  • Q: Do SCA staff get first preference with items on giveaway tables?
    A: No, everyone (staff/students) will get the same access to these items via tables in SCA Library.
  • Q: Are specialised SCA library staff going to be available to provide assistance?
    A: Yes- Academic Liaison Librarian Celia Brown will also be relocating to Fisher and will be available for consultations. Frontline staff from SCA will also be moving to Fisher. You will be able to receive frontline support from all of our Library locations. There may be opportunities for a designated drop in time for Celia to be working from the new SCA building.
  • Q: Are specialised library staff from other faculties going to be available to provide assistance
    A: Yes - your Academic Liaison Librarian will be available for consultation and you will be able to receive frontline support from all of our Library locations.
  • Q: Will there be guidance on where SCA students and staff need to go to find what they need?
    A: Yes, there will be a welcome process to welcome student and staff to libraries on Camperdown/Darlington Campus to orientate them to new services.
  • Q: SCA HDR students are continuing, therefore how will they access Library services during the proposed move in November?
    A: Library staff have met with SCA student representative sand HDR students and we will set up a system, in consultation with clients around accessing materials during the move.
  • Q: What will be the process for making a request for new materials to be added to the collection?
    A: This process will remain unchanged- please get in touch with one of our Academic Liaison Librarians.
  • Q: What Library services will be available to staff and students?
    A: The same Library services will be made available to staff and students including:

    There are more Library spaces at Camperdown/Darlington that will be available to students including:

    • 24/7 spaces
    • The Quarter - a space exclusively for Postgraduate Coursework students
    • ThinkSpace - a technology driven, creative play space

    Frontline staff will be available for longer hours at information desks across multiple locations.