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Australian Composers Online: Terms & Conditions of use


This E-score is supplied by the University of Sydney for the Australian Composers Online TIES Grant Project under License between the University and individual composers and may only be used in accordance with the terms of that license.

  • E-scores can be viewed, printed and downloaded for your own research or study. You may not make further copies to pass on to other individuals.
  • You may use a print copy of an E-score in a private performance, or in a performance presented under the auspices of the University including examination performances. You may not use a print copy of an E-score in a performance at a public concert, broadcast, or competition.
  • Access to E-Scores is restricted to authorised Unikey holders.

Breaches of the ICT Resources Policy

If you use the University's resources to download material that is in breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use set out above, you may be in breach of the ICT Resources Policy as well as the Copyright Act 1968.

  • This can result in withdrawal, restriction or limitation of access to the University's ICT Resources and disciplinary action by the University, including suspension of candidature and reimbursement of costs. (Clause 7a)
  • You should be aware that the University reserves the right to audit regularly and to monitor the use of its ICT resources to ensure compliance with the ICT Resources Policy. (Clause 6d)

By using this resource, you are agreeing to comply with these requirements.