Del Congresso Notturno Delle Lammie Libri tre .

Rovereto, Italy: A spese di Giambatista Pasquali; Libraro e Stampatore inVenezia, 1749.

The title literally translates as The Nocturnal Conference of the three vampire books of Girolamo Tartarotti of Roveretano. The word "Lammie" translates as 'lamia,' a female vampire or, more accurately, a serpent-like monster from Greek mythology with the head and breasts of a woman and diet comprised of children and adult male blood.

Del Congresso Notturno is a significant treatise in both its theological and historical aspects. Not only did the Italian abbot Girolamo Tartarotti (1706 -1761) describe witches, vampires, and satanic rituals, but he challenged accepted Church doctrine with his assertion that witchcraft was an organized religion descended from the Dianic cults of the Roman era. Tartarotti's views were not popular for, if true, it meant the 'black arts' predated Christianity. Thus Tartarotti was coerced into publishing an apology in 1751.