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Reproduction, display and publication of images

Read this first

If you wish to reproduce any images of Rare Books and Special Collections material in publications or on the internet please contact Rare Books and Special Collections for permission. A reproduction fee may be charged.

In all circumstances any reproductions must be credited to "Rare Books and Special Collections, the University of Sydney Library".

Please note that the below schedule of fees is intended as a guide only.

All prices do not include GST. 10 per cent GST applies to goods/services purchased in Australia.

Copyright and Rare Books & Special Collections

The University does not hold the rights for the majority of material in the Rare Books and Special Collections Library that is still in copyright. You will need to contact the copyright owner to obtain permission to reproduce this material. Under Australian copyright law copyright in published works generally lasts for the life of the creator plus 70 years.

Scale of fees: Full reproductions

The below fees apply to full reproduction of a whole item (eg. facsimile or transcribed edition of manuscript, portfolio of pictures, separately published prints or microform publication).

  • Commercial purposes
    Print and publication: Where the reproduction is deemed to be primarily for commercial purposes, a charge of 5% of the recommended retail price of the entire print run is to be applied. Substantial portions of volumes by negotiation.

    Permanent exhibitions and displays. (Commercial). $320.

    Temporary exhibitions by cultural institutions: please please contact Rare Books and Special Collections
  • Scholarly & non-commercial purposes
    Where reproduction is deemed to be for scholarly purposes, or for a recognised charity, a nominal fee of $120 is to be applied. This may be waived where considered appropriate.

Reproduction, publication & usage fees

Print media

  • Books
    Single image. Rights are granted for first edition only, non-exclusive editorial rights.
    First usage: $250
    Reprint or revised edition by the same publisher: 50% of above. Re-use in same publication: 25% of above.
  • Newspapers, periodicals and magazines
    First usage: $200
    Reprint or revised edition by the same publisher. 50% of above
    Re-use in same publication. 25% of above.
    Non-exclusive syndication rights +50% of above fees apply.
  • Brochures, leaflets and reports
    First usage: $200
    Usage: $60

Digital media

  • CD-ROM publications
    Single image. One time non-exclusive editorial use only.
    Usage: $60
    Reprint or revised edition. 50% of the above
    Re-use of image in the manual. 50% of the above rates
  • Online use & publication
    Images are licensed for use on the internet for specific purposes. One time only non-exclusive world rights.
    Non-commercial: $50
    Commercial: $90
    Advertising: $260
    Reprint or revised edition. 50% of the above
    Re-use of image in the manual. 50% of the above rates

Audio-visual media

  • Slides, overheads etc (used in presentations)
    In-house presentation (non-promotional): $30
    Commercial presentation: $50
  • Film and video
    Promotional films and videos: $150
    Commercial presentation: $50
  • Broadcasting
    Non-exclusive editorial broadcasting rights. One time use. $70
    Repeat use in same programme or series, 50% of the above fees
    Fees are the same for either standard, or non-standard, television and film, regional or network TV. (Non-standard TV includes cable and satellite).
    Additional rights may be granted for extended licensing periods on negotiation.
    Licensing for re-use as video release +100% of the above fees.


  • Newspapers and magazines (one time use): $220
  • Newspapers and magazines (one time use, cover): $420
  • Advertising posters: $280
  • Advertising hoardings: $450
  • Point of sale advertising display: $350
  • Television, film and video advertising: $350


  • Calendar, 1 year: $350
  • Diary, 1 year:$175
  • Greeting cards, 3 years: $500
  • Postcards, 3 years: $500
  • Postage stamps, 1 year: $500
  • Place mats, 3 years: $350
  • CD, CD-ROM, cassette and album covers, 3 years: $350
  • Posters, decorative, 3 years: $350
  • Collectibles (plates, mugs etc), 3 years: $350
  • Wallpaper/fabric design, 5 years: $500