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Research Centres contacts

Research Centre Academic  Liaison Librarian
ANZAC Research Institute Elaine Tam
Asbestos Diseases Research Institute  Elaine Tam
Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety Bernie Carr
Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit Children's Hospital at Westmead Vanah Montgomery
Australian Stuttering Research Centre Yulia Ulyannikova
Boden Institute of Obesity, Nutrition, Exercise and Eating Disorders Rod Dyson
Bosch Institute Vanah Montgomery
Brain and Mind Research Institute Jessica Hughes
Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology Isabelle Raisin / Julia Child
Centre for Disability Research and Policy Elaine Tam
Centre for Disability Studies Yulia Ulyannikova
Centre for Education & Research on Ageing Elaine Tam
Children's Medical Research Institute Vanah Montgomery
Heart Research Institute Isabelle Raisin /Julia Child
Hoc Mai - the Australian Vietnam Medical Foundation Rod Dyson
Institute of Bone and Joint Research Yulia Ulyannikova
Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research Edward Luca
John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research Yulia Ulyannikova
Kids Research Institute Vanah Montgomery
Kim Oates Australian Paediatric Simulation Centre Vanah Montgomery
Kolling Institute Yulia Ulyannikova
LifeHouse Australia Isabelle Raisin / Julia Child
Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity Jessica Hughes
Medical Research Institute Kids Research Institute Vanah Montgomery
Melanoma Institute of Australia  Yulia Ulyannikova
Menzies Centre for Health Policy Tess Aitken
Nepean Centre for Perinatal Care Tess Aitken
Nepean Hospital Gastroenterology Research Unit Tess Aitken
Nerve Research Foundation Isabelle Raisin / Julia Child
NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre Rod Dyson
Northern Blood Research Centre Yulia Ulyannikova
Pain Management & Research Institute Yulia Ulyannikova
Pam McLean Cancer Communications Centre Yulia Ulyannikova
Poche Centre for Indigenous Health Jessica Hughes
Save Sight Institute Isabelle Raisin / Julia Child
Sutton Arthritis Research Labs Yulia Ulyannikova
Surgical Outcomes Resource Centre (SOuRCe) Bernie Carr
Sydney Children's Hospitals Network Vanah Montgomery
Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre Yulia Ulyannikova
Sydney Forensic Medicine and Science Network Isabelle Raisin / Julia Child
Sydney Health Ethics Bernie Carr
Western Sydney Sexual Health Edward Luca
Westmead Millennium Institute Edward Luca
Woolcock Institute of Medical Research Isabelle Raisin / Julia Child