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Artistic works

Using drawings, paintings, illustrations, photographs and diagrams in the classroom and online

Academics can copy and communicate artistic works such as drawings, paintings, diagrams and photographs for educational purposes under a statutory licence contained in the Copyright Act known as the Part VB licence.

A communication of an artistic work occurs when material is emailed or made available online via the University's Learning Management System or other password protected online space.

Artistic works can be included in your slide presentations, and can be uploaded to the Learning Management System.

In the classroom
  • Academics can:

    • distribute artistic works in hard copy (eg photocopies, 3D printed objects)
    • include artistic works in lecture presentations
    • lecture capture artistic works
Access online
  • Academics can make artistic works available to students via the University Library’s Unit of Study Readings Service, Learning Management System and email.

    Access must be protected by Unikey.

Copying limits
  • There are no copying limits for artistic works under the Part VB licence. Only copy what you need for the educational purpose.

Labelling and attribution
  • Artistic works copied under the Part VB licence should be labelled with the name of the author and copyright owner (if different to the author), the source and the date that the copy was made.

    Presentations containing copies of artistic works must include a Part VB warning notice.


This information is provided as general information only. It provides a basic introduction to copyright and is not intended to be comprehensive.