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About the Copyright Monitoring Survey

The survey commenced on 4 June and ends on 26 August 2018

From 4 June to 26 August 2018, the University is participating in a mandatory copyright monitoring survey. Participation in the survey is a requirement of using the educational statutory licence set out in the Copyright Act.

The educational statutory licence allows staff to copy and communicate textual material (such as book chapters and journal articles) and images for educational purposes. The statutory licence is administered by Copyright Agency Limited (CA) and is essential for teaching and learning at the University. The University pays a substantial annual fee to use the statutory licence.

The purpose of the survey is to collect information about material being copied or communicated for teaching so royalties can be paid to authors and creators. This includes the University as a copyright owner, and individual academic staff, who have received royalties from CA for material used by other educational institutions.

The survey is conducted by AMR and monitors:

  • photocopying to collect information about material used in course packs and as class handouts (the “Hardcopy System”); and
  • electronic use to capture information about material made available on the Unit of Study Readings service (the “Electronic Use System” or “EUS”).

Who’s participating in the Photocopy survey?

Not all University staff are participating in the survey. Only the schools and departments set out in this list are required to participate.

Copyright Monitoring Coordinators

All areas participating in the survey have appointed a Copyright Monitoring Coordinator (CMC). The Coordinator acts as a central point of contact and a local expert for the other staff in their area. The CMCs for the photocopy survey are set out in the list mentioned above.

What do staff have to do?

Staff participating in the photocopy survey need to record all photocopying on monitored copiers, even if the material being copied is not copied under the educational statutory licence. Recording all copying allows AMR to reconcile reported copying with the copier’s page count.

Some areas, such as libraries, will have unmonitored copiers, because those copiers are used by students as well as staff. Staff from surveyed schools or departments using unmonitored copiers, or sending course packs out to external printers, will need to complete a Copying Declaration Form with sufficient information attached to allow CA to identify the works. The CMCs are able to assist with capturing this information.

Contact details

If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact us at or 9351 2888