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iResearch: information skills for life


iResearch Certificate of Completion System

The Certificate of Completion system is a database driven tool that has two functions:

  1. Provide students with a PDF Certificate of Completion which they can keep for their records and/or attach to assignments when requested.
  2. Save a record of all completions in a secure database which can be accessed by authorised users and used to establish whether students have completed the required resources.

A Certificate of Completion link appears at the end of all the iResearch: information skills for life resources. University of Sydney students can click the link to obtain proof that they have completed a particular resource.

Students authenticate using their Unikey and password and a certificate is generated containing their name, the resource they completed, and the date they completed it. The student can save and/or print the certificate.

At the same time, completion data is being recorded in a database. The database can be accessed by unit of study coordinators and teaching staff who request access through the Library (you can submit a request to your Academic Liaison Librarian. Once access has been granted, you can access the Certificate of Completion database).


Certificate of completion system

Integration with BlackBoard

To simplify the marking process, a .csv excel file for every iResearch resource can be downloaded from the database. This file can be uploaded as a grade book column into any Blackboard unit of study. This process will mark off all students who have completed the resource.

Marking completions in Blackboard:

  1. Log into the Certificate of Completion database using your Unikey
  2. Click the "Download Blackboard ready file" link next to the relevant resource
  3. Enter the name you want the Grade Centre column to be titled in Blackboard (e.g. "Academic Honesty Module")
  4. Allocate a mark for the completion of the module. Most coordinators just want to know that the resource has been completed. If this is the case, add the number "1" (default). If students are awarded course credit for completing the module then type in the number of marks awarded (e.g. "5" for 5 marks)
  5. Click "Download Now" and save the .csv file to your PC
  6. In Blackboard, go to the "Grade Centre" (full grade centre view)
  7. Click the "Work Offline" button
  8. Click "Create Column" and choose the "Upload" option
  9. When the new page has loaded, click the "Browse my computer" button and find the .csv file. The options can be left as they are
  10. Blackboard will take some time to process the information, particularly if the .csv file contains a lot of completions. Once the upload is finished, the system will grade your students and alert you to any Unikeys that appear in the .csv file but not in your unit of study (i.e. not enrolled in your course)
  11. Check the preview of the grades that display, and click "Submit" if correct
  12. You will now notice that only people who had their Unikey recorded in the Excel file for a particular module (i.e. the file downloaded from the Certificate of Completion database) will have a grade next to their name in Blackboard.