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Peerpod is your go-to podcast for all the insider knowledge on how to navigate uni life.
Peer pod team

Hosted by our very own Peer Learning Advisors, the podcast is all about increasing a deeper sense of connectivity and belonging at Uni via a bi-monthly topical podcast.

We’ll be sharing stories, providing advice, and answering all the questions you have about Uni.

The Peer Learning Advisors aka PLAs are all experienced students. They're available for a chat, can refer students to services or can offer tips of everything from finding the best coffee on campus, overcoming isolation or using tech.

Drop in for a chat with our PLAs at ThinkSpace, Bosch Commons, the Quarter, Dentistry Library, or Camden Commons. Check PLA locations and hours here

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Episode 7 - The ‘F’ Word

You have just refreshed your uni portal so many times, but the truth is there and it makes you feel lost, and scared, and lost again: you've failed that exam. Guess what? We have too. PLAs are postgraduate students (coursework and research) who also have failed their exams, so here we are to share some tips on how to cope with failure and, even better, how to get the best from this experience. Listen to the wise words that our life-coaches Leyla, Juan and Lady Sarah share with us. Don't forget to send all your love and requests to

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Episode 6 - Transitioning into the Postgraduate World

Thinking about extending your study experience and maybe considering a postgraduate career at Sydney Uni? Leyla, Mel and Rengen share some advice, tips and their personal experience with us! In this episode, they discuss the importance of dedication, networking and mental health. Don't miss it!
Write us at and remember you can find us, Peer Learning Advisor, at The Quarter (postgrad coursework only), Bosch, Dentistry, Camden, ThinkSpace.

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Episode 5 - Resilience

What being resilient really means? And how can we cope with failures during our most stressful times? Our Peer Learning Advisors Leyla, Sayan and Betta reunited in our ThinkSpace One Button Recording Studio to discuss how to move on after a failure. In this episode Betta talks about her personal failures and Sayan and Leyla share some precious advice to help understand how failures make us stronger and braver. Feel free to write us at

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Episode 4 - Stepping up your study habits

It's Wellness Week guys, and we're trying to do our best to keep a healthy life style. When everyone seems to say that work-life balance is the key for a successful study experience, we often think "yeah, whatever, you wouldn't say it if you knew about all my deadlines". But with a little bit of an effort, we can make it happen :) In this episode, Leyla, Sayan and Betta share tips on how to improve your study life and how to cope with an overwhelming study load. Do you want to share your tips too? Write to us at

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Episode 3 - Degree and career directions

Have you wondered how students make their choice when it comes to choose their degree and career path? In episode 3 our life-coach Leyla, Lucy and Sayan discuss the importance of transferable skills, having multiple plans, open-minded attitude and how to face future with a positive attitude.

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If you have a topic you would like us to cover or if you want to be our guest, write to us at

Episode 2 – Finding new friends

In this episode our life-coach Leyla, Sayan and Lucy discuss a number of potential ways to find new friend at Uni or outside Uni. Whether you are an International or domestic student, you might find some useful tips to apply in social contexts and making new friends.

Find out about Sydney University Library events such a Coffee and Croissants, Speed Meet and Chats and much, much more.

Coffee and Croissants are held bi-month (during semester) at Bosch Commons and The Quarter and monthly at Nursing Library, The Consevatorium of Music and Health Sciences Library.

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Do you have any tips on how to find friends too? Email us at

Episode 1 - Starting the semester off right

This week the POD is upgrading your University experience with tips on how to start your semester right, and stay right! Here in Episode 1 we are all about gearing ourselves up to plan our semesters, talking strategies, feels, healthy student advice, and that it’s never too late to bounce back, start over, and be a better student at any point along the way. Join your POD for this episode: your trusty host Life Coach Leyla, joined this week by Sayan the Go Getter, and Betta, she’s not just good she’s better! as they share their pro-tips and take you on a romantic-comedy-high-action journey of self-discovery towards making you even better than you were last semester.

Do you have a question for the podcast? Email us!