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Library desks, study and meeting rooms

You may use meeting rooms without a booking if the room is unoccupied but must vacate the space if a booking has been made.
  • A confirmation email will be sent upon creation of a booking. This must be confirmed within 1 hour before the booking will be accepted.
  • Bookings can be made up to 2 weeks in advance and you may book up to 2 hours per day per site.
  • Fisher Media Rooms may be booked for 3 hours.


Book-a-Desk is back for 2017! Students and staff will be able to book an individual desk throughout Semester 1 at Fisher, Law, and SciTech libraries and the Quarter. As part of an extended trial, approximately 123 desks across four library spaces will be bookable, just like a study or meeting room. Bookings will open on Saturday 4 March 2017.

  • Bookings can be made up to 48 hours in advance and you may book up to 3 hours, maximum twice per site per day.
  • Bookings are required in order to use a Book-a-Desk space, including in 24/7 spaces.