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Library spaces

Whether you need to concentrate in a quiet space, work quietly with a friend or study in a group there is place for you in the Library
  • Feel free to respectfully let someone know if they're disturbing you. They may be unaware of the impact they're having on you.
  • If a persistent noise or issue is disturbing your study please let us know.

Silent, quiet, and group work study zones

no talking, individual study, phones on silent brief, quiet conversations and phone use group discussion, phone friendly, no parties

Silent study zones

  • These are for individual study only.
  • Text, don't talk - keep your phone on silent.
  • If you need to chat with friends, please use a different zone.

Quiet study zones

  • These okay for studying with a friend, but not if you need to talk a lot.
  • Keep your phone on silent, but it's okay to have a short phone conversation.
  • Not good for group work, please use a Group Zone or book a room.

Group study zones

  • These are great for group work, or studying with friends.
  • Group discussion is okay here.
  • Your phone doesn't have to be on silent here, but do be mindful of others.

Facilities by space

For a full list of facilities by site, see our Library facilities page.

Your belongings and your safety

In all study spaces, you should make sure that your belongings are not left unattended. If you have left something behind, or if you’re not feeling safe in our spaces, see our friendly Library or Security staff.

Food and Drink

While you’re free to have non-alcoholic drinks and eat in our libraries, please remember to put your rubbish in the bin and only eat hot food in kitchen or designated areas. For more information, see Governance.

Book a study room

Students and staff can book a group study room for up to two hours a day. If you’re more than 15 minutes late, someone else can use the room. Multimedia rooms can be booked for up to two hours.

Book a room here