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Find and use data

Find and use datasets to build on your own research

There are many places where you can find and source research data to re-use in your own research, including:

  • Research Data Australia (RDA) provides descriptions of datasets, other relevant metadata and links to where data can be accessed, making it a good place to look for datasets to re-use. In RDA you can search and filter records by subject, institution and accessibility, and you can find links to related datasets and grant information.
  • is a government-run repository that provides access to public datasets from the Australian Government and encourages public access and re-use of public data.
  • Subject-specific repositories: there are many data repositories available that look specifically at one subject, as well as some multidisciplinary repositories. These repositories contain a wealth of knowledge and generally have openly available datasets that can be re-purposed. You can search for repositories using a repository directory, such as the Open Access Directory (OAD) or the Registry of Research Data Repositories.

Citing data

If you use data created or collected by other researchers you should cite this data as you would any other publication. When you cite data, it gives attribution to the original creators and allows the impact of these research outputs to be tracked in a similar manner to traditional outputs. If you are publishing data, you should ensure that you publish with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to assist others in citing your data. For further information, see the Digital Curation Centres’ guide on How to cite datasets.