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Our team and services

Supporting data curation, visualisation and publication

The Research Data team works closely with researchers and HDR students to help them make the most of their research data and comply with University policy, legislative requirements and policies from funders and publishers. Our team can help ensure that data is:

  • well managed and documented during a research project
  • retained in an accessible format as per University policy
  • effectively published and/or preserved
  • communicated using the best suited visualisation techniques

We are available for individual consultations and training sessions across the University and have a series of scheduled training sessions throughout the year.

We are also available to consult directly with faculties and units on projects requiring subject matter expertise for data curation, visualisation and publication.

For all enquiries, please email researchdatasupport@sydney.edu.au, or contact a team member:

  • Jennifer McLean
    Research Data Manager
    Phone number
    Ph. +61 2 8627 1926
  • Piyachat Ratana
    Research Data Officer
    Phone number
    Ph. +61 2 8627 4281
  • Ryan Stoker
    Research Data Officer
    Phone number
    Ph. +61 2 8627 6435
  • Gene Melzack
    Digital Curation Officer
    Phone number
    Ph. +61 2 8627 2019
  • Kayla Maloney
    Data Analysis Officer
    Phone number
    Ph. +61 2 8627 1907

University contacts

Support for digital research tools including REDCap, DashR, DropBox and the Research Data Store


ICT (issues accessing storage)

+61 2 9351 6000

eNotebook Support (assistance with using eNotebooks for research)


eLearning (assistance with using the classroom edition of eNotebooks)


Office of General Council (Intellectual Property inquiries; research data enquiries that require legal advice)

See the OCG contact page

Research Integrity (authorship concerns; plagiarism)

research.integrity@sydney.edu.au or +61 2 8627 0200

Human Ethics (ethics related queries)

human.ethics@sydney.edu.au or +61 2 9036 9161

Copyright (data re-use queries; licensing inquiries)