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Data analysis and visualisation

Communicate your data and information clearly and efficiently

Data analysis and visualisation are essential tasks in undertaking research. The Digital Scholarship Studio provides advice on how to best analyse and/or visualise your data, and can help you find the best software or tools for the task. We provide an environment with access to a variety of tools so you can see what will best suit your needs and advice on which tool or tools would be most helpful to you.

The data analysis and visualisation tools that the studio provides access to are all freely available to university staff and students, meaning you will be able to use the tools that you learn about in the Studio back on your own machine throughout the course of your research. We provide tips on how to get started using the various tools available to you, making the studio a great place to come if you are unsure of which tool to use in your research, or if you just want to test-drive a new piece of software!

Software and tools available in the Studio include:

  • Mathematica
  • GenStat
  • SPSS and AMOS
  • SAS
  • GraphPad Prism
  • NVivo
  • Excel
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • ArcGIS
  • R
  • Python
  • OpenRefine
  • Quantum GIS
  • Tableau Public
  • Gephi

Kayla Maloney

Data Analysis Officer

Kayla is our in-house Data Analysis Officer, and is here to sit down with you to help you wrangle your data as effectively as possible. She can provide advice on how to analyse your data, on potential data visualisations you might wish to explore, and on the tools and software that would be most useful to you.

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