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About Sydney Scholarship

Who we are, what we do...

Who is Sydney Scholarship

Sydney Scholarship is built upon the Library's recognised expertise in creating, archiving, managing, publishing and providing access to digital content. Sydney Scholarship works in partnership with other University services, including University Publishing Service, Research Portfolio, University Publications Office, University ITC, and University Archives.

What Sydney Scholarship does

  • Supports and facilitates eResearch and eLearning across the University of Sydney

  • Secures and archives digital content

  • Provides managed web-based access to content

  • Adds value and impact through new and cost-effective processes of scholarly publication

  • Promotes innovation and experimentation

  • Implements digital sustainability principles and standards

  • Provides advisory and project analyst services

  • Enables managed use, re-use and re-packaging of digital content

  • Engages in collaboration with faculty and University services