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Research degree thesis lodgement

Lodging your higher degree research thesis

The submission of higher degree research theses is managed by the Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Administration Centre.  Questions about the submission process should be directed to the HDRAC.

Digital deposit of theses awarded Prior to 2013

This information is for former Higher Degree by Research students who completed their studies prior to the implementation of electronic lodgement of theses. If you submitted a bound paper copy of your thesis to the University Library collection, you are also invited to make a digital copy available open access.

If your thesis was awarded prior to June 2013 or you have already lodged a paper copy of your thesis with the Library a digital copy of your thesis can be made available in Sydney eScholarship, the open access repository. To do this please contact the Repository and Digitisation Team at who will advise on the process.

Please note: The Sydney Digital Thesis Project can only accept PhD and Masters (Research) theses. If you are unsure if you can submit please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian for clarification.

1. Using PDF format to submit your thesis.

To deposit your thesis you will need to convert the file to PDF - Portable Document Format. This is a secure and archive-friendly file format and is the standard for the Australian Digital Theses Project, which the Library contributes to. Several free services for converting documents to .pdf format are available on the Web including:

2. Naming your files

Please name your file(s) in a meaningful way.

Suggested formats include:

For a single file: initials-lastname-year awarded-thesis

  • sp-christensen-2007-thesis.pdf

For multiple files: number them sequentially:

  • 01sp-christensen-2007-thesis.pdf
  • 02sp-christensen-2007-thesis.pdf

3. Copyright

If your thesis contains material that you have published elsewhere (e.g. journal articles) you will need to get written permission from your publisher to do so. Copyright Services has drafted a sample permission letter for you to use.
For a comprehensive guide see Copyright and Your Thesis.

4. Grant permission

For the University of Sydney Library to make your thesis available online we need your permission. To do this, print out the copyright release form, read and sign it, scan it and have the file ready with the rest of your thesis

5. Start the process

You are now ready to start. Please email the Sydney eScholarship Repository Coordinator for instructions.
Note: Do not attach your thesis or copyright clearance document to the email - you will be forwarded a set of simple instructions.