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Finding a thesis

Find a thesis from the University of Sydney or other universities

The University of Sydney accepted its first digitally submitted (PDF) thesis as the definitive version in August 2013. Over the next 15 months theses were occasionally submitted as hard-bound volumes located in the Rare Book collection. As a consequence finding a thesis between 2013 and the end of 2015 may require a search of both the Sydney eScholarship repository and the Library catalogue.

Help on searching for University of Sydney theses or other Australian theses is provided below.

Find a University of Sydney thesis in the catalogue or in the repository

For electronic format PhD and master's (research) theses, some from earlier dates, but generally after 2014

For print format PhD and Masters (Research) theses, generally prior to 2014

  • Search the Library catalogue by title
  • Search the Library catalogue by author
  • Search by advanced keyword. Select USYD thesis in the Material Type drop-down box to make your results more relevant.

Find selected master's coursework theses and 4th year honours degree theses in Sydney eScholarship repository by browsing the list of faculties and schools.

Finding a thesis from other universities

Australia and New Zealand

Finding Australian theses via Trove