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Exam Ready: Relax

Exam stress getting to you? We have therapy dogs, chill out zones, and free stuff for you!

Free tea & coffee in The Quarter

If you're a Postgraduate Coursework student studying in the Quarter, have a break and meet one of our friendly PLAs and some of your fellow students, ever day between 2 and 3pm

Free fruit handouts in Fisher and SciTech libraries

Our friendly staff will help you take a healthy snack break by handing out fruit in the libraries November 6-17 in two of our libraries between 3-4pm.

Chill Out Zones

A physical space designed to allow students to take a break from study. These spaces focus on mindfulness activities (colouring in, materials for origami, paper cutting, and other creative or crafting materials), and include

  • kinetic therapy (fidget cubes/spinners, bubble wrap, kinetic sand, and stress balls)
  • positivity walls, creating a space for clients to pass on positive messages
  • taking a break and playing a board game
  • Casual study spaces, including deck chairs and bean bags

Therapy Dogs from The Delta Society

It's a stressful time of year. As part of our Exam Ready program, we have some friends from the Delta Society visiting us in Fisher, Law, and SciTech libraries on Friday November 17, between 12-1:30pm.