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Unit of Study Readings

Providing access to your readings throughout the session.

How do I find my unit of study readings?

  • By clicking on the unit of study readings link from the library homepage. You can search by the unit of study code, or your lecturer’s name.
  • Your Unit Coordinator may put links to the online unit of study readings in your Blackboard site for your unit.
  • If you don't see your reading, check our catalogue.

What if the library doesn’t have my textbook or reading?

If you’ve searched our catalogue, and we don’t have your reading, let us know by getting in contact. Let us know:

  • The reference for your textbook or journal article.
  • Your name and contact details, as well as the name and contact details of your Unit Coordinator (you’ll normally find this in the front of your unit of study outline)
  • The name and code of your unit of study.

Can I book a 2 hour item if someone else has it?

  • To book something from 2 hour loans in our libraries, please talk to the staff at the information desk.
  • Items in our HAL book vending machines (in Dentistry Library and Bosch and Camden Commons) are not able to be booked.

How many things can I borrow from two hour loans?

  • You can borrow two items at once. If you still want them after that, we can renew them for you if they’re not overdue or booked by someone else.

Is it possible to keep 2 hour loan items overnight?

  • Yes! The only exception to this is items that are personal copies, from the security collection, or equipment.
  • For everything else, if you borrow it within 2 hours of the information desk closing, you can keep the item overnight – Just remember to bring it back within the first hour of the information desk opening. It also has to be returned to the location that you borrowed it from.

Are there any fines if I forget to return something?

  • Yes – If you return 2 hour loans late, you’ll get a $10 per hour fine. This is because we want to make sure that everyone has access to their textbooks and other required Unit of Study readings.