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Library spaces have reopened. For more details see Library COVID-19 updates.

Unit of study readings: information for academic staff

Providing us with your unit of study readings means your students will have access to their readings throughout the session

COVID-19 Access to physical course materials will be limited during Semester 2

Copying of teaching materials under Section 200AB (Copyright Act 1968) is no longer available.

The Library is still able to partially digitise physical required and recommended readings under the educational statutory license (Section 113P). This service is currently not available for optional readings.

From Monday 27 July we will be trialling the 2 hour collection as a 4 hour collection. Materials held in the Library 4 hour collections are accessible at all sites except Bosch and Dental. Items are being quarantined for 24 hours on return.

To ensure equitable access to course materials for all students, it is recommended that course reading lists be reviewed to include minimal physical materials as access to these items will be limited.

Due to delays with ordering and delivery, it is unlikely we will be able to provide new physical materials for semester 2. Where materials are required for your course that we do not currently hold, we will endeavour make a digital version available.

Academic Liaison Librarians are available to assist in finding alternate digital resources or looking at embedding information literacy skills into teaching

For more details see Library COVID-19 updates or contact us.

There are 2 pathways to take to ensure that your unit of study readings are available and accessible to your students. The preferred pathway is the Fast Track method. The other process is the library assisted method.

You will receive an e-mail notification from to remind you to start working on your reading lists for the next session and to forward new titles you need the library to order for your list.

Fast Track method

  • If there are no changes to your existing list, you can simply set new semester dates using the eReserve system and “roll over” the readings you require.
  • If you want to make a few changes to an existing list, you can delete, add and reorder readings using the eReserve system
  • If you have a new list, you can add the items directly to eReserve yourself. Please refer to the eReserve guide or contact your Academic Liaison Librarian for a training session.
  • Items we do not hold and therefore need to be purchased have to be clearly highlighted and submitted 8 weeks before semester starts.

The Library Assisted method

If you need to create a new list, you can use the Unit of Study online form (Unikey users) or email your list to the Library at (non-Unikey users) and we’ll add the readings to your eReserve page on Canvas.

Mac users may experience errors when using Safari on OSX with this form. Please use Firefox or Google Chrome. If you experience problems, please contact the library.

When should I submit my new lists or new items to order?

Send your lists as soon as possible. The deadline for submitting your unit of study reading lists is four weeks before semester starts.

If you need the library to order items we don’t currently hold, please notify us eight weeks before semester start. Send all new lists or orders to

If you have a Unikey you can use our online form to submit your list. If you don’t have a Unikey you can email your list to the Library at

What should go on my reading list?

  • Scanned items to which you want to provide students with a quick link, or that are in the physical library collection.
  • Ebooks or journals you can link to via library databases. Please note that you can provide students with these links within the LMS without breaching copyright. You can use eReserve if you want to keep all your readings in one place, but do not have to use the eReserve system if you are simply providing links to these online resources
  • If you would like to give your students the opportunity to search our collections as part of developing them to be lifelong learners, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian to incorporate these strategies into your curriculum.

What can be added to unit of study readings?

  • Journal articles
  • Books and book chapters
  • Your personal copy of a book
  • DVDs, CDs, scores and streamed material

How long will it take for the items to be ready for my students?

There are several factors involved in processing your reading lists, and during the COVID-19 heath emergency the Library is anticipating impacts on processing time.

  • Fast-track method – You are able to add items to eReserve directly which will result in a faster processing time. We have a guide that shows you how. Most electronic items will be approved immediately so your students will be able to access them straight away. Library staff will be in contact if there are any items on your list that have been impacted by COVID-19 and our access to physical materials.
  • Library Assisted Process - In preparation for online learning for Semester 2, 2020 the Library is anticipating an increased demand for digitization of physical items which may impact processing time for the library assisted process. Library staff will endeavour to make lists received before the deadline available in time for the start of semester, but may prioritse by week order. Library staff will be providing you with an update if any delays are expected. For lists received after the deadline we encourage you to use the Fast-Track method as library staff will be prioritising and processing lists by week order.

How can I order new material for my unit?

You can order new material by emailing: Due to delays caused by the COVID-19 health emergency, new physical material is unlikely to arrive before the start of semester. Your Academic Liaison Librarian will be able to assist you with finding alternative resources or suggest the Library’s Information Digital Literacy resources.

What do I need to know about copyright?

The unit of study readings service helps the University to mitigate risk by managing the electronic copying limits, reporting and other requirements of the statutory licences contained in the Copyright Act.

For more information see copyright for unit of study readings or contact Copyright Services.

As a consequence of the easing of restrictions put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19, the Library has ceased offering its COVID-19 related copying service (section 200AB) for teaching resources. The Library has, however, provided two quick guides on the use of third-party resources for teaching:

Can I add items to the list throughout the semester?

eReserve allows you to add items throughout the semester yourself. The eReserve guide will step you through the process.