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ABS Census 2006 DataPacks (Release 2)


Conditions of use:

  • Permission is granted for the use of statistics from the ABS website and use of the Census Datapacks for use on the University of Sydney internal servers, for staff and student access only.
  • If you are going to use ABS data for external publication, such as on the University's website for public access, hardcopy publications etc,you must contact the ABS as you may need to enter into a licence agreement.

Please ensure:

  • ABS data is attributed to the ABS including a reference to the title, ABS catalogue number and date of publication; ( Guide to citing ABS sources)
  • data from other sources (including that derived from ABS statistics) is not attributed to the ABS;
  • the following acknowledgment is included: "ABS data used with permission from the Australian Bureau of Statistics"
  • a link is provided back to the ABS website ( if appropriate.

Census 2006 DataPack (Release 2) Contents:

The ABS Census Datapacks do not include software and are designed for use with mapping or tabulation software.
They include:

  • 7 comprehensive statistical profiles to collection district level in CSV format, with matching digital boundary basemaps in both MapInfo Interchange (.Mid/Mif) and EsriShape (ESRI.shp) formats. The boundary basemaps require Geographic Information System (GIS) software products such as MapInfo 6.0 and above, and/or PC Arcview.
  • See 2006 Census DataPacks - ABS cat. no. 2069.0.30.001- 2069.0.30.007 for more information about the data and data displays in different applications.
  • Comprehensive Help and Read Me files are available in each download.
  • Contact your Academic Liaison Librarian for more help.

The 2006 DataPacks product is designed for several purposes:

  • for Clients to use with database or analysis systems (e.g. SQL, GIS and other mapping or tabulation software);
  • for Clients who require access to the Census 2006 Community Profile data & digital boundaries 'inbulk'.
  • for licensed 'Secondary Providers' who wish to produce a GIS products similar to CDATA 2001 - Full GIS.

ABS provides access to a range of other census products including CDATA, Census profiles, QuickStats, MapStats, Census Tables.

To download:

Digital boundary files